The Issues

What Matters to Costa Mesa

  • Tackle our $30 million DEFICIT. Keeping our community safe requires sound financial management to fund our police and fire services. - Since 2016 our current city council has over-spent and depleted reserves. Our current $30 million deficit is not just a result of COVID.  The city now faces making severe cuts in city staff, police, fire and infrastructure spending. Safety and services will suffer.

  • Eliminate Councilmembers’ personal assistants added in 2018 – This staff that was added to serve City Council members but NEVER existed before. 

  • Stand with our neighbors regarding High Density projects like One Metro West (1,100 units) -  Projects like this threaten our quality of life by increasing traffic and stretching our police/fire resources. My opponent has supported this project but we need to listen to the neighbors from Mesa Verde and the State Streets who are impacted the most. Council campaign contributions from developers are a conflict of interest.  

  • Support our local business and make our city business friendly – Lower business /permit fees and encourage new business to enter our city.  Do not let regulations stop our businesses from succeeding.  Current “fines of $100” for not wearing a mask is an example of over regulation.​​​​

  • Improve parks, streets, and curbs - Since 2016 our current city council has been over-spending and depleting existing reserves. For two years Council has deferred infrastructure improvements and now they have reduced this budget by $6 million and considering another $3.9 million in cuts. Your neighborhood and home values will be impacted.

  • Battle homelessness with both services and enforcement – We need reduce the homeless population and not simply invest in housing.  With compassion we need to provide real solutions for these individuals, but we also cannot attract more homelessness in our city.